About Us

Felecia Bella and Divine Collision was born in 2005 out of a dream and a vision to touch ladies' lives. I have always been such a searcher for truth, trying to learn more about life and purpose. Why are we here on this earth for such a short time? And through all my studies, I have come to realize we each have a destiny, downloaded in us from Heaven, before we enter this earth. And the destiny in me was birthing Felecia Bella. Felecia means Happy and Bella means Beautiful. Ironically, my journey has not always been Happy and I have certainly not always felt Beautiful. So through this journey, I have learned so much about true happiness and how to be grateful and at peace. That's where true happiness comes from.


Also, I have realized beauty is who we are and who we become. We are all made in the image of the almighty God, so to me, that means I'm Beautiful. It's all in walking out the process. He said we are to go from Glory to Glory.
So yes, Felecia Bella is a ladies boutique that we specialize in nice ladies' clothing, jewelry and shoes. But, deep in our roots we are so much more. I believe when we feel pretty, we have so much more confidence and from that we will attract so much more love, and that's the greatest piece of clothing we can all wear! So the mission we have is to help you look - feel - and be beautiful inside and out. 

We sell clothing so we have jobs and money to live, but our real goal is loving and ministering to you. And your bonus is you look amazing.

Thanks to all the special ladies out there that have allowed us to do our calling and fulfill our destiny.

We love you,